Additional Extras

LED Starlit Dancefloors

Dancing with the Stars..

Imagine taking to this dancefloor for your first dance, with the white/black LED lights twinkling under your feet. A chance to capture that perfect 1st dance photo! Also this is a great way to create that Wow! factor at your next event using these stunning all white/black LED Starlit dance floor that either twinkle or stay static.

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Starlit Dancefloors

Tomfoolery Box

Simply a 'Must Have' for any Party!!

Guaranteed Great Party Atmosphere with quaity products, excellent value.

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Tomfoolery Box

Mood Lighting

Create the mood with Led Up-Lighting

Mood lighting refers to the use of lighting to create a specific atmosphere or ambiance in a space. By manipulating the intensity, color, and placement of lights, mood lighting aims to evoke particular emotions or set a specific tone. Whether it's a warm and cozy setting for a romantic dinner, vibrant colors for a lively party, or soft hues for a relaxed environment, Mood Lighting plays a crucial role in shaping the overall feel of a room or event. This versatile lighting technique is commonly used in homes, restaurants, hotels, and event spaces to enhance the overall experience and create a visually appealing environment tailored to a specific mood or theme.

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Up-Lighting Colours

Magic Mirror

Capture those memories

Step into a world of enchantment with our Magic Mirrors – the perfect addition to elevate your event to the extraordinary. These interactive mirrors are not just reflective surfaces; they're a gateway to fun and memories. Our Magic Mirrors capture more than just images; they capture moments. With touch-screen technology, vibrant animations, and instant photo prints, your guests will be immersed in a magical photo experience. From weddings to corporate events, birthdays to anniversaries, our Magic Mirrors add a touch of glamour and entertainment, making any occasion truly unforgettable. Let the magic unfold and watch as your guests engage, capture, and cherish the memories created with our enchanting Magic Mirrors.

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Illuminate your events with the mesmerizing allure of Sparkulars

These cutting-edge pyrotechnic fountains offer a stunning alternative to traditional fireworks, creating a captivating visual spectacle that leaves a lasting impression. Sparkulars bring the magic of sparkles and bursts of light without the safety concerns associated with traditional pyrotechnics, making them an ideal choice for weddings, parties, and special occasions. Their versatility allows for seamless integration into various event themes, providing a breathtaking backdrop for your celebration. Elevate your moments with Sparkulars and experience the enchantment as these spectacular devices add a touch of wonder and brilliance to your unforgettable event.

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Dry Ice Effect

"Dancing On The Clouds"

Elevate your first dance to a dreamlike experience with our Dancing on Clouds service. Imagine gliding across a floor that appears to be floating on clouds, creating a magical and romantic atmosphere for this special moment. Our low-lying fog effect, combined with state-of-the-art technology, ensures that you and your partner are enveloped in a soft, ethereal mist, adding an enchanting touch to your dance. Dancing on Clouds is the perfect way to turn an already unforgettable moment into a fairytale scene, leaving a lasting impression on you and your guests. Make your first dance as magical as your love story with this whimsical and romantic addition to your wedding celebration.

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Custom Gobo Projection

Making your Mark 

Included in our diamond package is our custom gobo projector which can either be projected onto the dance floor which gives that extra added touch to your first dance, or you can also have a custom Bride & Groom gobo placed above your top table or anywhere in your venue.

For an optional extra

You can have your own names in lights,  Please note this is an additional optional extra service and requires a special glass gobo to be created for you in advance of your wedding day.  You can have complete control over the artwork we produce for you, making this very unique and special.


"The World Of SpeedQuizzing"

Experience the next level of trivia entertainment with SpeedQuizzing, a dynamic and fast-paced twist on traditional pub quizzes. At our events, gone are the days of pen and paper; instead, participants use their smartphones or tablets to answer questions in real-time. This interactive trivia experience adds an element of excitement and engagement that keeps everyone on their toes. Our SpeedQuizzing events are perfect for a wide range of gatherings, from pub nights to corporate team-building activities. With instant scoring, multimedia elements, and a vibrant atmosphere, SpeedQuizzing is not just a game; it's an immersive and thrilling experience that brings people together. Join us for an unforgettable evening of rapid-fire questions, friendly competition, and loads of fun with SpeedQuizzing! 

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