What to Ask When Booking a DJ

Remember when booking a DJ you are paying for his or her experience to be professionally organised and have an ability to provide the right entertainment for you and your guests. The DJ is generally the most important part of the function and may make or break your event. It is not as easy as it looks and being a good entertainer takes time & experience.

Here are a few questions to ask if you are looking for a quality entertainer:

Are You Available For My Date?

Established DJ's can be booked up months if not years in advance for popular dates. Generally Saturday's are the most popular day followed by Friday and Sunday.

When you find the best DJ for you, secure the date ASAP.

How Much Do You Cost?

A good DJ will cost in the region of £600-£1000 for the evening. NEVER book a DJ on cost alone as you generally will get what you pay for.

Your event will rely on your DJ's performance to entertain your guests and if you book a DJ based on a low price 9 out of 10 times you will get a service you might not have expected!

If you want a good DJ who will make your evening ask them all of the questions in this here and make sure you can have a face to face with them to ensure they can provide you with all information.

Do You Have Public Liability Insurance (PLI) & a PAT certificate?

PLI protects you and your guests against injury and damages relating to your DJ and their equipment.

PAT is an electrical certificate that shows that the equipment is electrically safe & Pro dub is required to use and download digital music. Your venue will probably need proof of PLI/PAT. 

Don't rely on word of mouth get your DJ to send you copies.

Will You Be Able To Meet Me In Person?

The best bet is to meet your DJ face to face. This way to get to know if they are right for you. During this time can go over music and what you want from the event.

What Experience Do You Have And Have You Played At My Venue?

Ask the DJ as many questions as possible about your function and what you want to achieve. That way you can gauge what experience he or she has. The best thing in the world is to get a DJ who has played a similar function at your venue. A good DJ will phone or visit the venue beforehand to to get an understanding where to play, park, electricity supplies etc.

What Equipment Do You Have?

Depending on your event is the sound powerful enough and will it visually fit in?  Without getting too technical a good DJ will have up to date equipment consisting of a digital play out system (laptop, hard drive player/reader), two full range speakers, four lights, well presented and unobtrusive. Also ask if they have duplicate back up equipment - (especially PA) because technical equipment will fail at some point and you do not want that to happen at your wedding!

Do You Provide A Written Contract?

This is a legally binding agreement between you and the DJ so if something goes wrong you have proof of purchase?  Also check the terms and conditions when signing and make sure you have access to them.

Can I Submit A Music List & Can My Guests Ask For Requests?

Many DJ's will let you add to the music by pre requesting some favorite tracks.  Your DJ will use that as a rough outline for the whole night. He/she should also take requests from your guests.

What Happens If You Are ill Or Not Able To Make It On The Day?

Are they a member of any local DJ group or has thought of what they will do should the worst happen?

Lastly - Book Directly!

Some DJ's may sub contract Jobs to other DJ's. Check that the DJ your booking is the DJ your getting.

Also when booking through an agency or in-house DJ (especially hotels) make sure you can meet them to distinguish what your paying and what they are getting!  You may be shocked to find your DJ is getting £200 and your paying £350!  You will not get a good DJ for that money and may be let down!