Music For A Civil Wedding Ceremony

This is the ideal alternative for removing any responsibility, hassle and worry from your family and friends or venue staff. Your personal choices of music are played, volume-controlled and faded in and out at the relevant moments by your DJ.

These moments include music before the ceremony, as the Bride enters, during the signing of the register and finally when the Bride & Groom walk back up the aisle. If you are not sure what music you would like for your ceremony we can also provide you with some ideas. A microphone and stand can also be included for any planned readings, something that is often overlooked.

Before The Ceremony

Your music choices will be played either inside the venue or outside (weather permitting) prior to the arrival of the Bride. Your family and friends will arrive typically up to 20/30 minutes prior to the start of your ceremony. Your personal choice of music shall be played through our system whilst your guests take to their seats awaiting your arrival.

Ideally, we recommend you provide a selection of at least 12 tracks as ceremonies do not always commence on time. An allocation of 12 tracks allows for any delay, which is quite often the case.

The Bride’s Arrival

This song choice is the personal track that the Bride wishes to have played as she makes her way down the aisle. This track can be pre-cued at a specific point (e.g. before a certain verse or chorus) to provide her grand entrance.  If you are planning to reach the top of the aisle on a specific verse or chorus break, please calculate the time it will take for your entrance from your start position, taking into account the time for any Bridesmaids, Page Boys, Flower Girls or Family who may either precede or follow you. A cued start time can then be confirmed with you to allow for the perfect entrance.

Please note that although expected, it is not a requirement for the music to end with your arrival at the Registrar, this can be faded out at your chosen moment and is acceptable as long as the registrar is made aware.

The Signing Of The Register

During a Civil Ceremony two register signings actually take place. You both sign your official marriage document that under English Law cannot to be photographed by the official photographer or any of your guests due to the fact that it contains the signatures and private information of others. This official document is replaced by a mock version, which then gives an opportunity for photographs, and/or video,  which can often take some time.  We recommend that up to 3 tracks are chosen allowing for around 10 minutes which should be ample time for photographs.

Exit Music

This is the track that you wish to hear as you leave your wedding ceremony. Again, this track can be cued at a specific point to provide your grand exit. Should you wish to keep your Ceremony traditional, the Wedding March is a good track to play.

Important Details!

No religious music is allowed during a Civil Ceremony in the UK. The Superintendent Registrar must approve your choice of music therefore if you are unsure please check in advance to avoid disappointment. We cannot be held responsible should one or more of your choices not be granted by the Registrar on the day.  If a track you wish to use has been heard on YouTube or any other online video/audio/social networking website we must point out that unfortunately we cannot 100% guarantee that we can source a high quality version of the same song. We shall of course make every effort to source each of your tracks and will inform you in good time if we cannot therefore giving you the option to supply us with the track(s) or make another selection.