Wedding FAQs

Why we don't give quotes over the phone? What is our pricing & packages? What happens when our DJ meets with You? What can we do to make your day special? What services can we offer? and more...

Why we don't give quotes over the phone?

There is no way I can explain the unique service I offer, get a true sense of what your needs and expectations are, or see if we are going to be a good fit for each other in a 10 minute phone call and I would hate to overcharge you.

Any DJ who quotes you an average fee without meeting you and exploring your needs and then explaining how he/she can make your wedding fun, unique and memorable as I can, will only deliver an "average" performance.

Do you want an "average" wedding reception or one tailor made which will reflect both your personalities and be conducted in the "style of your choice?

What is our pricing & packages?

Prices vary on the services you need and the time commitment that is required.

What happens when our DJ meets with You?

DJ At My Party has provided many Wedding DJ's & Disco services to weddings, civil ceremonies & many other events over the years. The main reason to our success has been meeting all prospective clients before their event dispite whether the use our services.

But with most parties where your choice of your DJ may not be of key importance, but with wedding entertainment this can be very important as it takes up a large amount of the day. Also your Guests can be from wide range of different backgrounds & ages. Also your family and friends all want to be a part of your special day and make it truly memorable.

With this in mind a DJ's role at a wedding is more than just turning up & playing songs. We can encounter different challanges such as getting the balance between your needs & expectations along with those of your guests, which is one of the main reasons why we offer to meet up with you to discuss these issues that can make or break any wedding.

The meeting is usually held at your wedding venue, home or place of your choice; with myself you and your partner we'll have a chat. I will listen to what you want from your wedding day. To understand what are your expectations are & then explain how I can meet those expectations and turn them into a reality for you.

If you are unable make a meeting for whatever reason, then don't worry, I can arrange do this over the phone or via Skype.

With this meeting we'll all go away with more than we both expected. And when Pete arrives to entertain you on your wedding day, he will prepared to give you a day that you will remember for many years to come.

At Your Meeting, We'll discuss:

  • Your vision of your wedding day
  • Your Lighting & music requirements
  • Your first dance & your last song
  • Your guest requests
  • Specific requirements
  • Other entertainment & services
  • Transitions between Buffet etc
  • Any special announcements
  • Venue access & other technicalities

What can we do to make your day special?

We can provide you with anything from an all-day event where we are there through your Ceremony & Wedding Breakfast right to your music in the evening reception providing you with all you need making sure your day goes without a hitch or if you require just a disco at your evening reception.

A fantastic memorable wedding reception doesn't just "happen". It needs to be planned and managed. You probably have many questions to ask; indeed I have many questions to ask you and would welcome the opportunity to explain the whole process and the costs for my services. Whatever you require whether large or small we are here to make you day something you can remember for years to come. Quality isn't expensive...It's priceless!

What services can we offer?

  • Arrival & Ceremony Music
  • Your Choice Of Background Music During Wedding Breakfast
  • Master Of Ceremonies Duties Undertaken
  • Venue LED Up-Lighting

Are there any Marquee Requirements? Yes...

We have invested thousands of pounds in high-tech, high-quality equipment for our clients’ enjoyment, therefore a few simple power requirements will mean that everyone is happy and our investment is protected.

Mains Power

In order to comply with the “Electricity at Work” regulations, all electrical installations must be carried out by a competent electrician. Improper use of electricity can kill and it is important that it is supplied safely.

Power to the DJs area must be supplied either by two separate 13A standard UK 3-pin sockets. These must be clean and not shared with other loads such as kitchen equipment or marquee lighting. A full 13A must be delivered to each socket provided.

If supplying power from another building or property please make sure that the cable is IP44- rated for outdoor use and is not shared with other electrical devices in that property.

Any generator used to supply power must be capable of producing a regulated supply of 230v +/- 10 volts at a frequency of 50 Hz. We always use RCD’s to protect ourselves and our equipment before connecting to any supply.

The DJs Area

This is dependent on the size of the marquee but there needs to be a clear area no less than 3m away from any marquee wall and 4m wide. Ideally we need a minimum height of 3m for lighting. We can set up on or partially on a dance floor but would prefer an area separate to where people will be dancing. If supplying a separate area we would prefer not to have to put our equipment on bare grass or cardboard as it can get wet and very messy!

The area we set up in must be flat, sheltered and dry. Setting up equipment on ground that slopes or is bumpy poses a serious safety risk to everyone at the party.

If you are unsure about any of the above please do not hesitate to get in touch.