Why choose DJ At My Party?

How can you be sure you will have a good night?
DJ At My Party strives to give you that "Personal DJ service". Please take time to read our Testimonials page but here are just a few of our strengths:

Experienced DJ

Our knowledge of music stems from 5 decades, including the most recent, and our experience of mobile discos is second to none.

Quality Equipment

All our sound and lighting equipment is of the highest quality and regularly kept up to date and tested.


We actively encourage you to e-mail us around 30 songs maximum you would like played at your party. This can include dedications. From the playlist we will be able to judge what else you may like played, but in any event we will play a mixture of music to keep all guests happy.

Customer Care

We issue comprehensive booking enquiry forms telling you all you need to know. If you decide to proceed, we will issue a booking confirmation covering every detail of your event. We will keep in touch with you by e mail (e.g. for deposit receipts) and phone from the moment you enquire up to the day of your event. We ensure you are kept fully in the picture.

Venue Liaison

We are very happy to liaise with venues on your behalf. This is usually regarding provision of PLI and PAT certificates but it can also be for risk assessments, details of access to the function room, use of smoke machines, fire drills etc. Let us take this hassle away from you!

Right Songs, Right Place, Right Time

Vital for any party. We are happy for you to give us a play list, but timing is important to the success of any party.

Punctual and Reliable

For your reassurance we believe it is very important to arrive early and to be relied upon. No excuses! We even have AA recovery that will take us to your event no matter what!

Right Atmosphere

We use the right songs, the right lighting and a little verbal encouragement to create this!

Public liability Insurance (PLI)

DJ At My Party believes in giving a fully comprehensive service and giving all clients complete peace of mind. This is why we carry full £10,000,000 Public liability Insurance (PLI) with Royal & Sun Alliance although this is not a legal requirement more and more venue’s are requiring this. Remember, your big day will most likely be attended by your most important friends and family. If an accident were to happen and a claim pursued, its success will partly depend on whether you had hired an insured individual. We can provide you with the required documentation for you or the venue.


Portable Appliance Test (PAT)

As with the Public liability Insurance (PLI) The Portable Appliance Test (PAT) is a requirement that all mobile disco companies should adhere to, by law. It involves the testing of all electrical equipment to be used at your event that requires a mains supply. It's generally carried out every year and it ensures that all appliances are electrically safe to use it is becoming apparent that more venue’s are insisting on this. As mentioned, it is a legal requirement for the DJ to have their equipment tested. This is to comply with the The Electricity at Work Act 1989. Please check with the venue if this is a requirement and we can provide you with the required documentation.

The ProDub licence

Started and introduced by the MCPS and PRS Alliance and is used by DJ’s and other entertainers who copy or download music. The licence, allows us to legally download MP3's and my original CD collection into a digital format ready to be used on our HC5000. This has been introduced to help fight against those who copy music illegally. There maybe some instances where you will be required to verify if your DJ requires a ProDub licence and if so, actually holds one. If your DJ doesn't hold the necessary proof, they could be prevented from setting-up, thus ruining your event. You are be able to check if any DJ is licenced by either checking the ProDub Online list of licensees and typing in their surname or by asking licensees to show them a copy of their ProDub Licence.